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Packs and Duffles

Ubavu packs provide

high-performance carry.

Forget saying it's too long, too wide or bulky.

Ubavu packs carry most any size and shape gear, from trail to gym to campus.

Tech Wearables

Ubavu designs specialized gear loaded with electronics, sensors and mechanics that connect to mobile apps for control of sound, power, and light and much more.

Totes and Slings

Ubavu designs

gear-specific slings and totes engineered for carry.  We provide the means to  carry the gear you need

specific to your mission.


Ubavu has designed unique lightweight mobile coolers and accessories. 

We have beach, camping tailgating, boating...even backyard solutions.



Ubavu designs and manufactures specialized gear for public safety and military applications. 

EMS, Police, and Fire personnel have unique performance requirements.  


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UBAVU is a registered trademark of Ubavu Corporation, Boulder, Colorado .